The lovely City by the Bay. (That`s San Francisco by
the way) Can`t think of a better place to be, really.
UC Berkeley. GO BEARS!
Most recently, the University of Michigan. Go Blue!
When I`m trapped in a crowd of people, moseying.
People who confuse rudeness with confidence.
totes mcgoats - adv. (used to express consent or agreement) totally; for sure.
A good hair stylist. Great cuts are easy to find but I always resort to the same ol' style. Give me something new, please!
A mobile chef who can come to my place with all the right ingredients and skills and show me how to make good Pad Thai.
Intelligence, passion, courtesy, humor, decency and modesty.
... and don’t forget creativity!
My best friend, mp3 player and photo album.
The Internet, the Internet, and the Internet.
A friend and I booked a double bed at a hostel, thinking it was a bunk bed. It wasn’t and we had to share a bed for three days in a room filled with rugby players.
A few years ago, I traveled 9,288 kilometers (5,771 miles) across Siberia on the train, from Vladivostock to Moscow. Met a bunch of interesting people and learned to get along.
Impulse shopping... It seems that as soon as a paycheck comes in, it goes straight to Union Square.
Gosh, I have so many that I don’t even know where to start. Here’s one: refreshing (junk) news sites every five minutes when I don’t have anything better to do.
That life is full of surprises. Good ones, bad ones, they all seem to help me appreciate life more.
Laughing with my friends and family.
Are you kidding? I have been trying to lose weight. No midnight snacks for me! (But I dream of a hot bowl of pho sometimes...).
Imagine Whirled Peace. Cereal.
"Everything in moderation, including moderation."
Oscar Wilde
"Suddenly, it seemed to me that the entire world was like a palace with countless rooms whose doors opened into one another. We were able to pass from one room to the next only by exercising our memories and imaginations, but most of us, in our laziness, rarely exercised these capabilities, and forever remained in the same room."
- Orhan Pamuk
People watching. Informed debate. Coffee.
Sleeping with the fan on.
Walking quickly.
Chili cheese fries.
Garlic, the stronger the smell and taste, the better.
Steam rising from a cup of hot tea on a wintry morning.
High speed trains.
Maps Popeye’s fried chicken.
The metric system.
Where are you located?
Where did you go to school?
Finish the sentence “I cannot stand...
What word would you add to the dictionary
if you could and what would it mean?
Which service specialists can
you not wait to find?
What do you admire in
other people?
You're on a mission to space;
what three things must you take with you?
What are your most unusual
travel experiences?
What’s a bad habit you
really should break?
What do you like
most about life?
What’s your favorite
midnight snack?
What’s your favorite
What are some of the
random things you like?