1. What is Wishwave?

Wishwave is a free - no commission and no subscriptions - online community, where everyone with service needs and anyone with the right skills can meet, mingle, and connect. Like Craigslist, we allow you to post listings (what we call casting a wish), describing a service you need or provide. However, unlike Craigslist, we really want you to show your lovely face and include a few flattering words about yourself. This way you’re a real person in the community, not just some mysterious email account in cyberspace.

2. How does Wishwave work?

Quite simple. Whether you are looking for services as a Client or looking to provide services as a Specialist, you can cast a Wish describing this service, and then effortlessly watch the responses roll in. Alternatively, you can search the Wishes cast by other community members, as well as their Profiles, to select the best fit. Once you decide to work with someone, it\'s up to you two on when you want to start and how you want to take care of payment (cash, check, or otherwise!).

3. What’s a Wish? What’s a Profile? What’s the difference?

Wishes are temporary advertisements describing a service that you either need or provide. Profiles are the permanent identities of the community members who create these wishes. Profiles reduce anonymity; you can see photos, ratings, and reviews of a potential Client or Specialist, before working with them. In short, Wishwave is a feed of service ads (wishes) whose owners (profiles) you can see, interact with, and compare between, instantaneously.

4. Sometimes I need services and other times I provide services. How do I use Wishwave?

One great thing is that Wishwave allows you to maintain a Client profile and a Specialist profile under the same account. Now you only have to use one account to manage all your service activities! Your Client profile portrays you as a person who needs services, while your Specialist profile showcases your skills as a service provider.

5. How do I know which profile to use?

Wishwave is smart and will automatically attach the correct profile to your wishes, messages, and reviews, based on the role of the content you are interacting with. These profiles act as your face on Wishwave and are only fully accessible to other registered users (unless you choose to make them public). Don’t worry. All profile information is voluntary! As an example: if you respond to a Client’s wish, then your Specialist profile will be attached to the message you send.

6. Why should I use Wishwave?

Finding services can be a hassle: just think of the possible hours combing through phonebooks and calling around to compare potential service providers. And, whom can you really trust? On Wishwave, you can easily cast wishes describing a service you need or provide, quickly compare responses, view ratings and reviews from those replies, or just search for other people who might need or provide the service!

7. What can Wishwave offer me that other sites can’t?

First of all, using Wishwave is FREE! That means no commission, no subscriptions – just services. Our site also aims to be open, easily searched, and allows you to both request and provide services under the same account. Additionally, we understand that services are a two way street, giving equal review power to Clients and Specialists.

8. What does Wishwave aim to achieve?

Simply put, Wishwave wants to make service matching a breeze. Unlike love, service matching shouldn’t be blind. We strive for more fun, more trust, more convenience, and less anonymity. We want everyone with service needs and anyone with the right skills to meet each other and build a trusted, efficient service community.

9. What kind of services can I find on Wishwave?

We welcome any services you can think of! Well, almost any . . . except for those services you wouldn’t want your mom to hear about.

10. Why must I sign up to gain full access to all of Wishwave’s features?

We ask people to sign up in an attempt to protect our community members’ sensitive information. To get full access, sign up for free and help us build a trustworthy service community. No mooching!

11. I received a poor rating I don’t agree with. How can I remove it?

Just as in life, it takes blood, sweat, and just a few tears to earn your reputation on Wishwave. While you can’t simply erase someone’s opinion of you, remember that reviews go both ways. Although we don’t promote “revenge reviews,” we invite you to begin a dialogue with your reviewers. Try and figure out what exactly made them rate you as such and address these specific points in your review of them. Don’t hate; talk to each other!

12. Can I really build a business from home on Wishwave?

You may not become the next Bill Gates, but hey, maybe you will! Wishwave’s unique platform allows everyday people to cash in on their exceptional (and oftentimes hidden) skills. Are you a great babysitter? A veteran plumber? An amazing Thai chef? Then sign up, create a free profile to showcase your experiences and skills, and soon you could be making the extra cash you need!

13. What’s with the name Wishwave?

Our days are made up of responsibilities (chores, errands, requests, projects, you name it!). Right now people are wishing they had an awesome Specialist, someone with specific knowledge, skills, or abilities, to help them accomplish a task; likewise, these Specialists are wishing for decent Clients to work with.
Whether you need or provide services, imagine that you are standing at the beach: write your wish down on a piece of paper, bottle it, cast it, and then let the waves carry it to the ocean of infinite possibility.